Your best sexual adventure in Lugansk Ukraine

Why you should hunt for a lover exactly in Lugansk?

Ukraine had always been a country of best brides and lovers. What have changed now, and why Lugansk girls should be your target number one? We’ll tell you below.

If to analyze the history of international dating in Ukraine a little bit, we will see it has reached its peak of popularity in 2005 – 2006 years. Soon after this, the wave started to decrease.

Westerner men understood they can easily catch single Ukrainian girls on free dating sites, in social networks, and directly at nightclubs without paying to the dating agencies.

But there has been another peak of interest, this time from Ukrainian women’s side: in 2014 – 2015 years. It was connected with the terrible political situation in Ukraine at that moment.

Since then, it has improved a lot and women even started to experience some kind of stability in their homeland. It made them return to their local men and postpone the idea of relocating.

But not for Lugansk girls. Things went differently for them. They didn’t become complete bankrupts like girls from Donetsk, but they lost stability for sure, and started to value foreign men a lot.


All last years went in stress for them, so Lugansk girls want to relieve their stress like no one else. And the best anti-stress is sex, as you know, especially when combined with nice vacations!

Lots of men already realized they can finally enjoy Russian beauty mixed with Ukrainian beauty in Lugansk women genes, for as much as a little gift and a trip to a nice cheap place.

No long courtship, no six or more months of waiting, no translator fees, no expensive shopping or five star restaurants, just come and get them. Lugansk girls are ready to meet!


So how to seduce this hot Lugansk girl?

As we said, stress is a serious thing, especially if it has deep social roots and there’s no end of it in near future. All their men went jobless, relocated, or went to the army, so girls remained alone.

Now imagine how horny they are after months and months without sex? You may seduce them in no time in such a delicate and spicy condition, so do not hesitate!

In addition, even in their best times Russian and Ukrainian women had never been too conservative or too picky. They were more strict before when they could chose more freely.

But they almost never used the rule of the first date and could have sex right after the acquaintance, if the atmosphere and the mood were right. So it’s not an issue today either.

Since the nightlife in Lugansk recently isn’t as bright as years ago, it is recommended that you travel to any other big city together and enjoy the clubs and discos. Hook-ups are included!


If you take your hook up lugansk girl abroad for a weekend or longer, it’s also a wonderful way to make love 24 hours a day combining it with the sight-seeing and being spontaneous. Awesome!

Even the easiest Lugansk women remain classy in some meaning, as Soviet Union values are still alive in their mentality. It means, they love chocolates and champagne more than beer!

There is another trick to attract a Lugansk girl easily: knowing much about her culture and likes. Listen to Russian pop bands and rock bands, watch popular TV series, and you’ll impress her.

It is not obligatory to find translation or subtitles, just read the brief plot description and observe the characters’ behaviour, you will know what to discuss with her.

Like with any other woman, it’s helpful to make her smile and laugh, but it works especially well with Lugansk women who seek stress-free relationships and emotional relief in general.


What to present to your Lugansk lover

Usually, hook-ups do not involve any courtship. But it can happen that you liked your new acquaintance more than you expected, or maybe you want to conquer a successful model.

Well, in this case, don’t be trivial and find unusual solutions. For example, just so you know, Slavic women got tired of roses they have been receiving for centuries over and over again.

Here is a very important tip: don’t you ever present fake cheap jewellery. In the West, there’s nothing wrong with that, and many woman especially young girls wear it daily.

It can be stylish and trendy, some designers produce it intentionally, there are big official catalogues of it, and there are females who enjoy collecting it.

But in all countries of former USSR, fake cheap jewellery is traditionally considered a sign of a very bad taste, so do not fall into this trap. Better to just buy a meal than to present this kind of stuff.


Also do not present lingerie unless you are sure hook up lugansk girl will sleep with you, or unless it’s Victoria’s Secret. If there’s anything less than that, a woman will laugh at you or get insulted.

Try not to present little samples of perfumes and cosmetics. You will look very, very cheap in a girl’s eyes. Only if she is in her late teens, she may find it appropriate.

If by any chance, you want to show a girl is special to you, present her two stylish unusual bags, one for her and one for her mother. It will work for Lugansk women one hundred percent!

But, if you want to present little something without sounding too original or too promising, go to her local grocery store and grab any souvenir set from the shelf. It’s what they do in Lugansk as well.


How to make love to a Luhansk girl so she wants more

Since this article is dedicated to hook-ups specially, we’re going to enlighten some of the girls’ tastes so then you know how to act in a bed. That’s a very precious information!

Keep in mind that Luhansk girls are brave and open-minded in a bed but a little less than South Ukrainian woman, for example. You shouldn’t try too many things too soon with them.

They’re ok with soft and tender sex, wild and raw sex, light BDSM sex when you’re better acquainted or drunk enough, but some other aspects of sexuality are tabooed.

If they aren’t desperate to earn some money for their services, they won’t accept threesomes, group sex, hardcore BDSM or any other extreme forms. It’s better to know in advance.

However, to compensate this bitter side, Lugansk girls are ok with sex in public places, sex on the first date, sex toys, sex in a masseur’s presence, private costume sex party, and other nice things.

To get all of the above and more, be polite and behave nicely, with moderate generosity, so that she won’t consider you dangerous. It’s easy to hook up lugansk girl if you know some basics!


It is recommended that you start experimenting in a second half of your adventure, doesn’t matter how long it lasts: one hour, one night, one weekend, or one week. Alcohol shortens the distance.

Also always make sure there isn’t any boyfriend or ex-husband around. Although there are no aggressive Muslims in Lugansk, local men can be quite protective too.

You can show your affection in a public, but it is highly advised that you won’t walk naked on a balcony of your rented apartment and won’t grab your Lugansk lover’s ass when you’re outside.

Like all Ukrainian girls, Lugansk women expect you to pay for the drinks and tickets wherever you go, but they may pretend to be independent from time to time.

If you follow all these simple rules of courtesy and respect local way of thinking, you’ll reach a great success in your Lugansk fling and get as satisfied as a man can be!