Ukrainian girls scam

Ukrainian girls scamLife is full of the beautiful, the ugly, the good, and the bad. It is not news that there have been reported cases of Ukrainian girls scam online. In fact, several people have narrated their ordeal. Meanwhile, you should ensure to be on red alert before you fall head over heels in love and part with money or items that will be painful to you if the situation turns out to be a scam.
It should be highlighted that not all Ukrainian girls or women are frauds, neither are they all angels. Although just about 10% of the women are scammers, bear in mind that it is possible to get scammed; that will help make you sensitive and be careful. The trend or techniques employed by the scammers are usually similar, and you could easily detect one if you come across it. 
The first sign that the Ukrainian girl you are relating to is a scam is IMPATIENCE. Everything has a process; and if a relationship is real, the regular course will be followed regardless of the fact it is an online dating. The girl in question will want to take all your time chatting, asking personal questions especially to know how rich you are. If she is real, she will not be online 24 hours daily to chat with you; she would be at work, in school, or doing something productive. Once she wants to know everything about you within few hours or days, and her discussions always gravitate towards your assets, cash, visa, travel, etc., be on guard.
Another sign that the girl may be a scam is that she gets ANGRY if you refuse her requests for money. No matter how good the scammer may be, she will express disappointments when you turn down her request for money. The fact is that she will be very demanding considering you her source of income. Therefore, she gets angry when you cannot grant her wishes. However, if you want to send her money, make sure it is not a huge amount that will be painful if you lose it.

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Moreover, know that there are different types of Ukrainian girls scam. Some of the scammers will request for money to process their traveling to meet you. Others will always complain about their country or family and ask that you help them secure a work permit or create an immigration opportunity into your country for them at your expense. Beware it is most likely to be a scam because after the marriage, she will frustrate you and ask for a divorce in order to get a huge settlement.
There are other types of Ukrainian girls scam, but the two precursory signs discussed above will give you a clue if you come across one of those scammers.