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Tender Beauty is a Lugansk-based dating and marriage agency. Our company is fully devoted to the service of family-oriented matchmaking – we help men abroad to meet women from Ukraine. We approach the all-important question of personal relationships with utmost tenderness and care; at our agency, each client receives an individual treatment based solely on the aspects of his personality and intimate interests. Our efforts to connect people are all about creating happy and long-lasting families – which is possible, we believe, with a quality matchmaking service and communication unrestrained by distances. Love always finds a way!

Ukrainian and Russian women who come to our agency rarely search for just good-looking men. It is deeply in the nature of Ukrainians and Russians to look for kindness and care in their partners. As long as they can enjoy stability and safety of their family and children, Lugansk women return it with sensual love, establishing the strongest of bonds with their husband. Life of a married man is so much more meaningful –because he comes to know the true joie de vivre.
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How come that Ukraine is such a nice place to look for a future faithful spouse? Lugansk women seeking men provide plenty of reasons for doing so. The cultural grounds for matrimonial happiness are rich and fertile in Eastern Europe. Many girls of age and young women see in marital relations their only and true fulfillment, in this way making for perfect life partners. From their youngest years, these women inherit a profound understanding of traditional family values and gladly prepare themselves for their role as a loving wife and mother.

Moreover, Ukrainian and Russian women think highly of such feminine values as beauty and elegance. They like to appear in the society as beautiful-looking and fit, paying great attention to their style of clothing. As part of their commitment and loyalty to their man, Ukrainian and Russian wives look after their skin, hair and physical condition even when staying at home.
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A good wife knows better than to be quarrelsome and scold her husband; both Russian and Ukrainian family traditions are based on a respectful attitude of a wife towards her husband. This is the main reason why there are so few divorces in marriages of Western and Slavic people. A good thing about Ukrainian women is that they seek after getting married after reaching a certain level of maturity: a great deal of Ukrainians aged 21 and beyond have university degrees and a life’s worth of experiences due to their love to travel and move between cities.

Lugansk is just one of the good examples of Ukraine’s well-developed urbane areas. This city in the Eastern part of Ukraine possesses rich history, culture, and art. Its uniqueness lies in how Ukrainian identity combines here with Russian ethnic elements. Should you be interested in exploring the city’s background, architecture and – most importantly – its people, our Lugansk marriage agency is an excellent place to begin from.
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We make every effort to connect you with your one-and-only Ukrainian wife without bearing heavily on your time, money and emotional resources. Tender Beauty offers a full array of confidential services, doing a great job of introducing you to your desirable candidates, translating your correspondence, organizing online chat and webcam rooms. Communicate freely and enjoy your time together – until the moment you want to travel to meet your other half in person. Forget about empty flirting and years wasted in meaningless conversations – our women are serious about becoming your bride and starting a new life together. The city of Lugansk is waiting to get you falling in love with your true passion!