Lugansk hotels

Lugansk hotelsWhen you are in Lugansk, you have nothing to worry about which hotel to lodge. Some hotels can cater to your lodging need conveniently and satisfactorily in Lugansk. However, you have to make findings of their prices. Meanwhile, these hotels offer similar but little different customer services. But before you leave your base for Lugansk, try and confirm if there will be reservations available for you on your arrival because the city receives visitors on a daily basis.
For your information and to make things easy for you, Lugansk hotels are discussed below to give you ideas of what to expect.
1. Gostinny Dvor: This is one of Lugansk hotels located at Lenina Street 54, Luhansk 91000, Ukraine. The hotel is situated in the earliest part of Lugansk and centrally. It is located near a supermarket. It is good-looking from outside with a friendly reception. The rooms are very clean and spacious. The food served in this hotel is tasty, and the bartender is friendly and helpful. If you do not want to rent an apartment, this is one of Lugansk hotels you would love.
2. Luhansk Hotel: This hotel is located at 76 Sovietskaya St, Luhansk, Ukraine. It is housed in an 18-floor building. Its location is towards the city center and main market area. The rooms are big enough with clean toilets. Also, they provide Wi-Fi for your internet connectivity while in the hotel. It is one of Lugansk hotels you would enjoy staying in.
3. Initial Hotel: The previous location of this hotel is Oboronnaya St., 118a, Luhansk, Ukraine. However, the hotel has moved from there after a fire incidence. You will be updated once we have fresh information about it.
4. Druzhba Hotel: Located at Pavla Soroky St 16A, Luhansk 91055, Ukraine, this hotel is big with several rooms. Its location is at the far edge of Eastern Ukraine. It has a good and safe parking for vehicles. Although it is situated close to a local prison, the hotel looks great from outside. If your room is on the fifth floor, you would have a general view of the surrounding. However, there is Wi-Fi available for your use.
Those are few of Lugansk hotels which can efficiently cater to your lodging needs when you are in Lugansk for vacation, business, or other important events. You would enjoy your stay in Lugansk. It is a city that is full of surprises. Before you leave the city, take a short trip around and feed your eyes before you return to your base.