Lugansk City

Lugansk CityLugansk, Ukraine is also referred to as Luhansk. Its location is the eastern region of Ukraine lying along the Lugan River at its confluence with the Olkhovaya River. The city is made the capital city of Lugansk Oblast. It was named Voroshilovgrad in 1935 and 1990; it regained its initial name. It is about 810 km to Kiev, the largest city in Ukraine.
The history of Lugansk, Ukraine started in 1795 when Catherine II promulgated a decree to establish a cast iron mill in the region. The mill was built in the River Lugan Valley. Due to the establishment of the plant, a settlement was established in the area. The mill was named Lugansky Plant in 1797, and workers and professionals were recruited from abroad and mainly from Russia. However, in 1800, the Lugansky canon foundry made the first ever cast iron. 
Meanwhile during the Napoleon war in 1812, the plant along with other plants was able to provide the Russian army with canons and ammunition. However, in the early 1800s, the location promoted commerce due to its suitable location. 
Around the 1870s, a railway was constructed. On the base of Lugansky settlement, a decree was signed by the Russian Empire to establish Lugansk town. However, the construction of a large plant to manufacture steam engines was started by the German Gustav Hartman in 1896. The company recorded a success when the first steam engine was fabricated in 1900.

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By early 1900s, Lugansk had become a big industrial hub with about 16 plants and almost 40 handicraft firms. Also, six orthodox churches, one synagogue, and one- Roman Catholic Church and one Lutheran church were in existence.
Lugansky City is historical with the construction of the first ever church in Kemannya Brody in 1761. However, between 1792 and 1795, the church was replaced with a stone church; and it is the only church preserved until now.
Meanwhile, the USSR heavy cargo steam engine named "Felix Dzherdzhinsky‚ÄĚ was manufactured in 1931. 
The Lugansk weather is one of the best favorable, and that was why the area was thriving as the center of commercial activities. The population of the City was about 300,000 in 2014. Lugansk Ukraine has one airport which is in a good working condition.
Lugansk City is one of the Ukrainian cities with significant history. The city is blessed with men and women of virtue. People in the location respect the traditional values and culture of the city.