First letter to your woman from Ukraine

First letter to your woman from UkraineLove is a feeling that cannot be hidden. It has no respect for race, color, tongue, height, status, etc. It is an incurable state of mind that has a significant effect on the overall existence of its victims. 
The general belief and proven fact is that Ukrainian girls and women are just irresistible. If you take the first look, you have as well fallen in love in your heart. These women are full of charms and are so naturally endowed that they are envied by their female counterparts from all over the world. Therefore, it is not your fault that you have fallen in love with a Ukrainian girl or woman. It is understandable that you just cannot help yourself. 
Before you can have access to the heart of a Ukrainian girl, you must have been screened not only by your profile pictures or bio information. She must have tested every word you said to her with a more sophisticated lies detector. If you do not sound serious, she would not have given you a chance in the first instance. However, you need to know the right path to a woman’s heart, especially the Ukrainian women who are naturally disposed to discovering lies and deception. If you play it wrong, you may not have the second chance to right your mistakes.
Now that your woman from Ukraine has given you a chance, you need to write her your first letter. Remember that women are more fascinated by what you tell them than men who are captivated by what they see. Your first letter to your woman from Ukraine will determine your chances or otherwise. Consequently, your letter must contain some facts that will help solidify your relationship. 
Firstly, you must sincerely express the fact that you love and appreciate her. Ukrainian women are very beautiful; they know it, but love to be told: "You are very beautiful.” Express what you love in her physical appearance. She will be happy to know that her efforts in taking good care of herself are not in vain.
Secondly, your letter must contain the fact that you love her, and you wish to spend the rest of your life with "only” her. As a general concept, women need to be assured before they can feel secure. Ukrainian girls and women are family-oriented and want their lives to revolve around their husbands and children. They want men that can protect them and make them feel safe. Remember to add that you want to build your home with her.
If your first letter contains those points, you have scored a very high mark; you should just expect a positive response from her. Meanwhile, you are implored to be sincere. Do not play on women’s emotions. Communicate truthfully with your Ukrainian woman and enjoy a blissful relationship.