Best Dating Apps in Ukraine (A Real Seducer’s Confession)


I’ve been a professional seducer for 15 years and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of this sexy lifestyle. Now I’d like to show you the best dating apps in Ukraine that I’ve tried so far because I’ve realized that Ukrainian womenare the hottest girls in the world. So, hopefully you’ll find my findings valuable.

#1 Brilic

Brilic dating app is the most effective dating app in Ukraine. I joined Brilic in December 2018 and got laid within 24 hours. Ukrainian beauties on Brilic are absolutely, positively hot! My tip is to become a top member, meaning I paid a small fee so that my dating profile appeared in the top section of the dating pool.

brilic - Best Dating Apps in Ukrainen

Therefore, 12 Ukrainian ladies contacted me first as my location was Ukraine (Well, my location is still Ukraine today). I have to say that I look reasonably handsome, so maybe that’s a bonus? Anyway, I asked the hottest Ukrainian lady out and we met in a local café. Two hours later, she was already in my bed.


#2 Tourbar

Tourbar dating app is actually a travel dating apps which introduces travelers to local singles. I bought the six-month package ($89.99) because I’m a professional traveler and seducer whose Johnson has a high demand. I know this isn’t a cheap travel dating app, but it’s worth it – I banged at least 20 girls in Ukraine from Tourbar. Unfortunately, it is said that Tourbar dating app is removed from Apple. I’m not sure what happened to this trustful dating app.

tourbar dating app

I think it’s great. But anyway, we all know that iTunes are getting more and more strict these days for some reason. I have to say that I totally enjoyed Tourbar when it was available. I hope it will return back to iTunes soon.


 #3 InviteTravel

InviteTravel dating app is another dating product that I’d like to recommend because I personally loved it! This reliable dating app has no bells and whistles – You just get what you actually need. So, it’s streamlined and easy-to-use. I highly recommend InviteTravel. The funny thing is I downloaded InviteTravel when I was in the United States and then I invited two women from Ukraine to visit Ukraine with me.

invitetravel dating app

That means those two Ukrainian stunners were living in America, but they decided to go to Ukraine with me as I was paying for their travel cost. What happened was these two stunners not only had a good time with me, but also saw their families in Ukraine for free. Did I tell you that we had a threesome? Yeah. That was the best part of that adventure.


#4 Badoo

Badoo dating app is more than a mainstream dating platform because it’s also a social discovery app. It has hot singles in 190 countries, including attractive ladies from Ukraine. As a consummate seducer in the digital age, how can I miss out on that? Of course,

badoo dating app

I’ve tried it. I joined Badoo in September 2018 and met several sexy girls from Ukraine. At that time, I was banging hot chicks in Russia. But I knew I was about to visit Ukraine soon, so I took some action beforehand and found some hot chicks in Ukraine before I even arrived there. The conclusion is Badoo dating app has enough people on it, so it was quite easy to meet beauties from Ukraine on that platform.


#5 Tinder

This one isn’t surprising because it’s the biggest dating app in the world right now. Hence, there are many girls from Ukraine using Tinder.

tinder dating app

That means if you want to get started in this regard, you may want to start from Tinder because it’s 100% free. Tinder monetizes its platform by selling ads, meaning you’ll see many ads while swiping left or right for hours per day. Although it’s extremely popular, I have to say that ladies on Tinder aren’t very attractive. They are all right. If you don’t mind banging an average girl who is slightly chubby, Tinder is your friend.


#6 Bumble

As one of the most popular dating apps for iPhone, Bumble is definitely a winner in many ways because its database is very big. With millions of active users, Bumble has introduced manyUkrainian beauties to me without me even trying because this fantastic dating app only allows women to contact men first. Ha! That’s a bit like passive income if I can use this analogy.

bumble dating app

So, if you look reasonably hot, you should totally download Bumble so that beauties in Ukraine will contact you automatically. By the way, once there is a match, the Ukrainian girl must contact you within 24 hours. Otherwise, the match will disappear. But if you upgrade your membership, you will still your matches on Bumble.


#7 Seeking

Seeking dating app is probably a bit surprising because you didn’t expect this curveball

cougar dating app

in this list, right? Well, honestly, this is actually a sugar daddy dating app. But you would be well-advised to know that there are many sugar babies in Ukraine. Those women are looking for life-long sponsors who can become their husbands, i.e. permanent sugar daddies. There is nothing wrong with that if you are open-minded. Many rich men are sugar daddies who are married to their sugar babies. You will need to pay $89.95 per month on Seeking dating app because it’s for wealthy men to meet attractive women. To be honest, I think if you can’t afford that, you probably can’t get hot women…unless you have good game that can be used elsewhere.


#8 Anastasia Date

As a popular international dating app, Anastasia Date dating app used to be my favorite place to meet Ukrainian women when I was horny and lonely.

anastasia dating app

The reason I chose this app was it has a very strong European database, i.e. there are a large number of Russian girls and Ukrainian girls here. I have to say that this service isn’t cheap because I had to pay in order to initiate a conversation. But the beauty of those girls could justify the price of this app, so overall, I was happy with the results.


#9 HUD

Hookup Dating (HUD) has more men than women. When I joined HUD dating app in Ukraine, I met three local girls. Because I look better than most guys, I had good luck on this app.

Hud dating app

Those Ukrainian sluts just wanted to sleep with me immediately because they were alreadylooking for hook-ups rather than long-term relationships. One of them told me that she always went to HUD whenever she was horny and wanted to be penetrated, and then she could find a Johnson within 15 minutes. Who needs to swipe left and right all day when there is something like HUD?


#10 Bloomy

Bloomy dating app is a legitimate dating product that I used in Eastern Europe. Ukrainian women on Bloomy are already interested in meeting western men like me because they are interested in cross-cultural relationships.

bloomy dating app

But I think some profiles were fake, so I don’t highly recommend Bloomy. Anyway, it wasn’t too bad overall and I think it’s a reasonable Ukrainian dating app that beginners may want to check out.


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